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The Clear Pineapple Glass Shade is a wonderful addition to any room. This beautiful shade gives off a soft, glowing light that will make your space feel more inviting and lively. The design of the shade makes it easy to clean and add style to your favorite lamp or fixture in seconds!

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Features of Clear Pineapple Glass Shade

1. Height: 6 inches
2. Top Width: 5
3. Fitter: 3
4. 25

1. Height: 6 inches

A Clear Pineapple Glass Shade is a great way to give your home, office or patio some tropical flair. It can be used for decorating with flowers and vines in the summertime as well as adding lightness and color when making Christmas decorations out of pinecones and other natural materials from around the yard during wintertime.

2. Top Width: 5

The Clear Pineapple Glass Shade is a modern take on the classic pineapple glass shade. This new design has been made to look like clear pineapples with green leaves, and it’s also a bit more elegant than your average lampshade. The top width of this particular shade measures 5 inches — which is in line with most standard lamps.

3. Fitter: 3

This elegant glass shade is perfect for a dining area. It has 3 bars that are designed to fit the standard size of most table lamps, which means you don’t have to worry about buying an entirely new lamp just because your old one doesn’t match anymore. Plus it’s made from clear pineapples instead of more common materials like glass and plastic, so it looks as good as it functions!

4. 25

A clear glass shade that is suitable for any type of lamp.

Reviews & Ratings of Clear Pineapple Glass Shade

Our Rating: 4.4 Out of 5 Stars

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The Clear Pineapple Glass Shade is a gorgeous, stunningly-unique and eye catching lamp shade that can totally transform your room! Made from the highest quality materials this lovely shade will last for years without fail. It’s easy to install and looks like it was made with natural pineapples rather than plastics making for an eco-friendly option as well!. The best part about this lampshade? You’re probably going to fall in love with it as soon  as you see it!
I found 28 reviews at the time of writing and they had awarded the Clear Pineapple Glass Shade 4.4 stars out of a possible 5 on average. No one else seems to have experienced any problems either–all customers are very happy with their purchase! Some customer reviewers said, “Nice Lamp Aesthetics update” and “Perfect fit – Beautiful finish – Perfect size” while other customers said things such as “I am soooo excited,” “LOVE IT!” “GORGEOUS LOOKING LAMP” or finally, “Very pleased with my purchase!!! I’m sure glad I got them before they were gone!!!!!! Worth every penny!!!”
It would be hard not recommend these beautiful shades because all buyers seem satisfied enough; but if anyone reading my article has any doubts then by all means feel free too go ahead an buy them now before someone else does..


In conclusion, the Clear Pineapple Glass Shade is a beautiful and easy way to change up your room with an unusual touch. It looks great whether on or off of any lamp and is light weight so you can easily move it around for different lighting needs.

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