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Black Gold Lampshade. Review

The Black Gold Lampshade is one of the most popular and well-known lamp shades on the market today. They are made with a bright gold fabric, so they really stand out in any room or space that they’re hanging from.
I was looking for something to spruce up my living room when I found these beautiful shades at JCPenney’s an after browsing through their selection, I knew right away this would be perfect! The colors are vibrant and eye catching while still being neutral enough that it can fit into many different styles without distracting guests…

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Features of Black Gold Lampshade.

1. Contemporary Drum Lampshade
2. Fits Most Lamps
3. Easy to Keep Clean
4. Add a Sophisticated Touch

1. Contemporary Drum Lampshade

This lampshade has a contemporary drum shape that is ideal for adding some style to your bedroom or living room. The shades are made from good quality polyester and can be placed at different angles without fear of breakage, as they are durable enough to handle any movement created by the light source.

2. Fits Most Lamps

The Black Gold Lampshade has a 2-inch diameter and is designed to fit most lamps. The black lamp shade is made of durable polyester fabric that looks elegant in any setting. It features an interesting three dimensional star design, which adds to its classic look as well as provides shading for the light bulb underneath it

3. Easy to Keep Clean

It’s a well-known fact that when you heat up oil, it can create smoke and soot. This happens because the molecules in the oil are moving around too quickly to remain stable and they end up breaking down into smaller particles or smudging together until they form larger ones. A good way to avoid this is using non-toxic alternatives like beeswax instead of paraffin wax or soy candles instead of traditional tapers if you want your home décor to be as clean as possible without sacrificing its beauty.

4. Add a Sophisticated Touch

A lampshade is a simple accessory that you can use to transform the look of your room. The Black Gold Lampshade from Lighting Direct has four shades in one so it looks like there’s more light coming from the ceiling than actually is, and also adds a touch of sophistication with its gold color. The black shade covers 100% of light created by bulbs while giving off an elegant glow. Additionally, this stylish lamp features two pull chains, two lock mechanisms on each side (so they’re easy to operate even if you have small hands), and six feet that are sturdy enough for any table or desk surface without scratching anything else up.

Reviews & Ratings of Black Gold Lampshade.

Our Rating: 4.3 Out of 5 Stars

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This Black Gold Lampshade is a great choice for your light. It has an elegant design that will add some style and functionality to any room in the home, making it looks beautiful anywhere you put it.
It’s modular nature makes changing out cords easy with no need of messing up wires or replacing parts when they wear out because all new replacement wire kits come included! This lamp shade won’t let you down when you need power at night either with its three watt LED bulb that provides ample lighting without adding heat to the air like other bulbs do.


In summary, the Black Gold Lampshade is a unique and high end lamp shade that has received many rave reviews. This product was made with black gold metallic fabric in 100% silk, providing an elegant look for any room.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Does lamp shade color matter?

A: Lamp shades are not a factor in the quality of light that is emitted from a lamp.

How do you clean a black lamp shade?

A: You should use a dry cloth to wipe the lamp shade.

What are the 3 types of lampshades?

A: There are 3 types of lampshades. They are the drum shade, the cone shade, and the globe shade.

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